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ReProtect's Mission
ReProtect's Mission is to reduce unwanted  pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases  (STDs), including  HIV/AIDS, by providing the most  effective and innovative products to protect the  reproductive health of women and men throughout the  world.

ReProtect's Unique Solution
ReProtect, Inc. is the first company to develop a vaginal  microbicide that works by maintaining the  natural environment of the female reproductive  tract. ReProtect's  products are among the first to be tested for their  ability to be contraceptive and protect against  sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) without the use  of hormones or potentially damaging detergents.  ReProtect's goal is to provide safe, reliable and effective contraceptive microbicides.

Our Products
ReProtect's flagship product is the vaginal microbicide, BufferGel®. BufferGel contains a buffering polymer that has demonstrated spermicidal activity and maintains the mild, protective acidity of the vagina. It is the first vaginal product designed to counteract the alkaline nature of semen. The vagina is naturally acidic (pH 4), which kills not only sperm, but also inactivates the pathogens that can cause many STDs, including HIV, herpes, syphilis and gonorrhea. The alkaline quality of semen neutralizes the protective acidity of the vagina for several hours after intercourse. This allows fertilization to occur since the acidity of the vagina would otherwise immobilize and kill sperm (see Publications and Abstracts for additional information). Thus, BufferGel is designed to prevent both unwanted pregnancy and STDs by enhancing a natural protective function of the vagina.

ReProtect's second generation product is Duet™, a novel cervical barrier and applicator that serves as a platform technology to enhance the effectiveness of microbicides, spermicides, and vaginal therapeutics. Duet will enhance the efficacy of preventive and therapeutic products, with high convenience and acceptability.

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